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One of the most important factors for many clients who decide to attend The Digital Marketing Forum is the opportunity to investigate potential future service providers. Our unique appointment system ensures that your time is extremely well spent:
  • We arrange a host of 1-1 sessions with the people that you want to meet.
  • Once you’ve made your selection we build a personalised itinerary that enables you to participate in the meetings, the conference programme, and also leaves you free time to network with the other executives.

Attend as a supplier

If you'd like to attend this or any other Richmond Event as a supplier company please get in touch with our sales team
Natalie Waxler
Sales Manager
+44 (0) 20 8487 2217
Rachel Langton
Rachel Langton
Sales Manager
+44 (0) 20 8487 2275

Sample of Confirmed Suppliers
Sample of Confirmed Suppliers

  • Can't see who you are looking for?
    This is a sample of the supplier companies who are due to attend the Forum in 2017. Companies from a broad range of sectors will be at the Forum. Get in touch with us if you would like to see the full list.
Supplier Testimonials
Supplier Testimonials
  • "The Digital Marketing Forum was a great event where we were able to meet potential future customers. It was a great use of our time as we were able to meet the right type of people who were looking to speak with potential suppliers.  The work done by Richmond Events in ensuring a good match between supplier and purchaser enabled good conversations to take place where we felt we could add value to the purchasers decision making process." CommunicatorCorp



    "An eye opener! It's refreshing to have a forum where potential customers are willing and interested in spending time to understand the services we offer and its a very quick and efficient way to decide if there is common ground. I didn't expect the breakfast, lunch and dinner meetings to be as effective but they certainly well! Great venue as well." Unified Solutions

    "A great way to meet a wide range of clients as well as people from other agencies facing similar business challenges." Somethinelse

    "Good event, well organised with friendly and interesting people." Unique Digital


    "My first time - and I was extremely impressed. Of the full day of meetings we had (from breakfast through to dinner) it was a majority that, we feel, could bear genuine fruit. The organisation of the day was immaculate." Hunterlodge

    "Good experience, well organised with a good range of client problems and interests." Gravity London

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